Website Care & SEO Promotion Plans

Proper care & maintenance, just like your car or any other piece of equipment whether critical or not, is essential to ensure it does the job it’s intended.

It needs to be regularly checked, monitored and maintained to keep it functioning as expected.

Whether you have a small blog or a large business/ecommerce site, Webmedia Care Plans provide weekly/monthly updates, maintenance, support and reports to make sure your website is kept fully operational and in the best of condition. 

Website Security

Keep your webspace locked and secure to nullify the threat from hackers, malware and spyware all too prevalent on the internet.
With the range and diversity of software systems and packages running on every website, the threat is always present and can never be 100% secure. It is essential that both core software, plugins & extensions are kept up-to-date to ensure you, your data and website are as secure as possible.

3 Website Care Packages

* Support time is per-minute based meaning if a task takes only a few minutes, only these few minutes are taken off your allocated time for the month. It is a very cost-effective method of maintaining your website.

Ad-Hoc Support – Just When Needed?

On addition to our standard support packages, we offer ad-hoc support for smaller sites. If you think that you might only need a bit of help every so often, our ad-hoc support package is the best option for you.

If you think our Ad-Hoc package suits your needs more than a fixed monthly plan telephone on 01324 808124 or email and we will send you an outline and pricing options.

Ad-Hoc doesn’t include reporting as standard, but your agreed support time can be requested for Site Audits, SEO/Keyword reports or used for any of our services.

SEO Promotion Packages for Existing Websites

The lifeblood of every website is visitors! Finding them, getting them to your web site, converting them to customers/clients. And, keeping them!

To do that depends on identifying the keywords potential customers use to find sites like your own.

Unfortunately, they are not always the ones you’ve chosen, using or even expect!

WebMedia provide a range of options & services designed to help identify the keywords your potential customers search for.

Search engine analysis undertaken to help make recommendations on their most profitable use.

And, assists in writing SEO friendly content/copy actionable analytics insights ongoing site maintenance and promotion

Why Search Engine Optimisation/SEO

Each and every day there are thousands, if not millions, of new web sites launched.

Literally millions of web pages are created, added, and updated competing for exposure and space in search results.

Difficult for new sites to get noticed

It is particularly difficult for new web sites to get indexed and found by interested visitors unless they are designed from the ground up to be search engine friendly.

Being Search Engine friendly doesn’t just mean submitting your web address to Google, Yahoo, MSN and the like and hoping for the best.

Relevant and interesting content wins

It means being structured in a way that provides search engines with a site that is easy and quick to access with content and information they can get their teeth into.
And that information in a format that provides both search engines and visitors with interesting and relevant content relating to the theme of your web site.

WebMedia builds on strong foundations

At WebMedia we understand how to build successful web sites that work hard to get you found, be seen and contribute to your bottom-line and profitability.