Custom/Ecommerce Plans

Custom/Bespoke web site specification

This option is for the site that requires to do more than the Fixed Cost options provide.

Additional facilities

It usually means that more advanced techniques in building and presenting your site are needed.

You might require the use of sound or video to describe or display your product information or database integration to provide real-time feedback of product information and availability for customers.

E-commerce options

Or, in addition to the above, e-commerce facilities to enable you to sell your products or services to existing and new customers enabling you to compete with the ‘big boys’ on that ‘level playing field’.


Just like the ‘Made-to-Measure’ suit, the price depends on a number of factors a few of which are outlined above.

But it won’t cost you an ‘arm and a leg’!

Our philosophy remains the same!

To provide you with the website you need to promote and enhance your business and at a cost that makes it attractive, is not prohibitive, is worthwhile and builds and supports your existing marketing and promotional contribution to profitability and your bottom line.

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