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Web Design & SEO are two sides of the same coin; together they are the basis of a profitable online business.

Webmedia has been helping local small & medium sized businesses for over 20 years, get a working website that contributes to their online success.

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Responsive Design

Make that first impression count. Responsive web design helps create the best first impression.

On desktop, tablet and mobile.


Every website needs visitors! Finding & attracting visitors to your website is the lifeblood of your website’s success.

More visitors, more customers, more sales!


There’s no point just getting them there to let them slip away again. If the do they might never return.

Convert more visitors into paying customers.


Knowing who your visitors are, what they do and what they want when the arrive on your website is crucial.

Knowing if they succeed is critical.

Not Getting Enough Website Visitors or Sales?

Webmedia can help you make the changes to get the results you want!

Tried & tested to help you be found in Google and build a successful and profitable online business

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Inbound Marketing v Traditional Marketing

Inbound marketing uses the power and the platforms available on the internet to find, satisfy and convert searchers into your customers.

Traditional (outbound) marketing was based on who could shout the loudest and catch the attention of the often uninterested passer-by.

Internet usersBe that by the press, magazine and billboard advertising, direct mail, yellow pages or other forms of interruption marketing.

Success was often determined by who simply had the biggest marketing budgets and able to out-buy the competition.

The power of Inbound Marketing

Search (seo)social media (twitter, facebook, foursquare, google+ etc), video (youtube), blogs all offer you, the online marketer, large or small, invaluable opportunities to find, communicate and engage with your potential customers.

The Internet has changed the marketing landscape.

Business and consumer shoppers, have turned marketing up-side-down!

They now actively search and seek out who they think can satisfy their needs.

It’s not a perfectly even playing field but…

The biggest companies, organisations, businesses may still just have an edge with their often staggering marketing spends.

Profit with Inbound MarketingBut, you can compete with them by being more inventive, more flexible and quicker off-the-mark responding to changing markets and conditions.

WebMedia SEO Inbound Marketing can help you compete and beat the competition.

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We have been helping small & medium sized businesses reach the top in Google and other search engines for over 10 years. Will you be next?

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