Responsive Website Design helps future-proof your website!

Responsive website design is about creating websites that can be found, read and easily understood by visitors to your website.

Responsive on all devicesRegardless of whether viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet or on mobile!

Your customers are viewing the internet on a variety of different platforms with different formats, screen sizes and resolutions.

A responsive design ensures that when the screen size changes or reduced below a certain width, on an iPad, tablet or mobile phone, the page layout is modified and the key elements re-arranged to best fit the new format.

Responsive web design in not new!

Responsive websites have been around a long time in the form of fluid grid systems and column layouts but recent technological advances using CSS3 and media queries have extended their functionality.

As a result, an effective and responsive website design is set to become more important as the range of connected devices continues to increase.

Effective Web Design

What do we mean when we talk about effective website design? Pretty, Practical or Profitable!

Ideally, all 3!

  • It should be pretty in the sense of being easy on the eye and attractive to help promote your company image
  • It should be practical in being easy to navigate and for visitors to quickly find what they are looking for
  • And lastly, it should be profitable otherwise what’s the point!

Full-service professional web design & website development service

WebMedia is a full-service website design & developer providing a complete service including site hosting together with professional & affordable search engine friendly website design.

Together with long-term maintenance and support, you are guaranteed to be in a position to get the most from your online and digital activities.

Or, if you already have a website you can check its responsiveness on Google’s Mobile Test page. Simply, enter your website address for a full report!

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Website design is about your bottom line

Webmedia will build your website to maximise your on-line image across the widest range of devices and platforms helping to contribute positively to the return on investment from your internet presence.

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