Make the most of your existing search visitors

Regardless whether your visitors arrive from paid search (ppc) or organic search you have already been incurred costs in getting them to click through to your site.

Why let them escape?

For very little extra effort or cost (see graph) working on your site’s content to engage more, better provide the information they were searching for will keep them on-site longer and inevitably raise your conversion rate.

Every business has fixed costs and overheads regardless of the level of sales or business it does. Focusing on increasing your conversion rate, by testing & analysis, and not wasting the effort in attracting existing visitors will increase your cost of sales or customer acquisition but the rise in profitability will be the real justification and reward.

Optimize your website and convert more visitors to paying customers

If the lifeblood of every website is visitors converting them to paying customers and clients is the oxygen that fuels its success!

To do that requires an understanding of how visitors behave when visiting your site, what they are looking for and whether they find it.

And, more importantly, what it is that causes them to leave without converting or carrying out your intended action eg buying, contacting you, filling out a contact form or joining your email list.

WebMedia provide a range of services designed to

  • help identify what pages and content contribute to successful conversion
  • and those that don’t
  • make recommendations to improve those that don’t
  • identify most profitable visitor segments
  • set up A/B and multi-variate testing and provide conversion analysis
  • ongoing testing & analysis to increase conversion rates

Option 1

  1. Bounce rate/keyword, content analysis
  2. Recommend keyword/content alignment
  3. Suggest long-tail keyword combinations for improved conversion

Option 2 (above plus)

  1. Visitor segmentation/keyword conversion analysis
  2. A/B, multi-variate testing and analysis for increased conversion
  3. Recommend continuous incremental improvements to maintain conversions
  4. Behavioural testing and segmentation

If you think you just need more visitors then think again!

Let WebMedia help you do that but also convert more of your existing search engine traffic. Call on 01324 808124 or simply complete the short form up top!

CRO Graph

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