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Attract more visitors with SEO

Search engine optimisation is the only way to ensure you capitalise on the time, cost and effort taken to create your website.

If you are not appearing on the first or second page of search engine results pages (SERPs) it just won’t happen.

How will your customers find you?

80% of internet users use search engines to find the information, goods, products and the services you have to offer. Make sure you take advantage of the opportunity!

Unless your website is found in at least the top 20 search engine results you will be missing an opportunity to gain an advantage over your competitors.

Target visitors using the keywords they enter when searching!

You want them to find you when they search not your competitors! Finding, knowing and utilising the keywords your potential customers use when searching is the first step in attracting targeted and qualified leads.

Organic/Natural Search Traffic

There are a number of ways to attract traffic to your site. Google’s Adwords, Yahoo Sponsored Search and Microsoft adCenter can all help drive visitors to your website but each incurs a cost (PPC – pay per click) and unless managed effectively can prove costly.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is designed to build natural organic search traffic. Natural organic search is traffic that is generated when potential visitors and customers perform a search in their favourite search engine and your home page or another page from your website is returned in their search results.

SEO can take a bit longer to see positive results but over time provides a steady growth in new traffic and returning customers.

Make your website an effective and cost-effective tool …

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Each of the tools you use in your business demand some sort of attention! Your company delivery van needs petrol or diesel, the telephone bill needs paying, your salesman’s commission needs calculating.

Each incurs a cost but recognised as an essential one to maintain the profitability of the business.

Search engine optimisation although also has a cost but it is better considered an investment as it will ensure that your site is found by your prospective customers and contributes to your business success.

Natural (organic) search optimisation is an investment in your future success!

There’s no magic bullet to attracting more visitors but creating an effective search engine strategy and applying tried and tested techniques, with an understanding of your visitor’s motivations and behaviour, will ensure a steady and profitable stream of new and repeat traffic.

WebMedia Search Optimisation can help you (1) identify the most searched for and profitable keyword phrases for your business, (2) develop a strategy for targeted deployment where they will be most effective and (3) build visitor numbers contributing to higher conversion and long-term profitable growth.


Why Webmedia SEO

Search engine optimisation and web development are two sides of the same coin as far as we are concerned. Each site created and supported by WebMedia has SEO built-in from day one.

After all, once your site is up and running it’s not a lot of good if it gets no visitors!

As part of your web site project, your industry and competition are analysed and the most appropriate terms, terminology, keywords and keyword phrases identified.

It’s included as standard and not offered as an afterthought, add-on or, in many cases, not at all. It doesn’t guarantee a first page search position in Google but creates the basis and framework to build on.

And, WebMedia is there to help at each step of the way

Not getting enough visitors? Plenty visits but not enough sales? But, don't know why!

Let us find out and help you make the changes to get the results you want!

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