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1 Responsive Web Design

7 seconds (maybe less) to get them to stay

It's not long, so you have to make every second count!

You need to tell them who you are, confirm you have what they want and convince them to stay and quickly.

The first impression - make it count!

WebMedia can... help you make every second count

2 Search Engine Optimisation

Get more visitors to your website

Every website needs visitors!

Finding & attracting visitors to your website is the lifeblood of your website's success.

Without visitors your website will simply not work!

WebMedia can... help you find and get more visitors to your web site

3 Conversion Rate Optimisation

Convert your visitors to customers

There's no point just getting them there to let them slip away again.

If the do they might never return.

What's important is converting new visitors into paying customers.

WebMedia can... help you convert more visitors now

4 Analytics, Testing & Analysis

Test, Measure, Refine

Knowing who your visitors are, what they do and what they want when the arrive on your website is crucial.

More importantly, knowing if they succeed in doing it is critical to making your website profitable.

WebMedia can... help you understand what makes them tick

Inbound Marketing v Traditional Marketing

Inbound marketing uses the power and the platforms available on the internet to find, satisfy and convert searchers into your customers.

Traditional (outbound) marketing was based on who could shout the loudest and catch the attention of the often uninterested passer-by.

Internet Searchers

Be that by the press, magazine and billboard advertising, direct mail, yellow pages or other forms of interuption marketing.

Success was often determined by who simply had the biggest marketing budgets and able to out-buy the competition.

The power of Inbound Marketing

Search (seo)social media (twitter, facebook, foursquare, google+ etc), video (youtube), blogs all offer you, the online marketer, large or small, invaluable opportunities to find, communicate and engage with your potential customers.

The Internet has changed the marketing landscape.

Business and consumer shoppers, have turned marketing up-side-down!

They now actively search and seek out who they think can satisfy their needs.

It's not a perfectly even playing field but...

The biggest companies, organisations, businesses may still just have an edge with their often staggering marketing spends.

Increase profits with Inbound Marketing

But, you can compete with them by being more inventive, more flexible and quicker off-the-mark responding to changing markets and conditions.

WebMedia SEO Inbound Marketing can help you compete and beat the competition.

Just enter you details in the box above to find out how!

4 Steps to achieving an effective, working and profitable website

There's no simple or easy way to get to the top of Google, Bing or Yahoo but it can be done!

But, that is only the start to making your website profitable.

How well is your website doing?

  • Is it getting enough traffic?
  • Does it have SEO problems?
  • How popular is it in social media?

See how well you score on Marketing Grader then come back and give us a call on 0843 849 2021.

The Website Grade for!

1 Effective Web Design - Falkirk - Scotland

What do we mean when we talk about effective web site design? Pretty, Practical or Profitable!

Ideally it should be all 3!

  • It should be pretty in the sense of being easy on the eye and attractive to help promote your company image
  • It should be practical in being easy to navigate and for visitors to quickly find what they are looking for
  • And lastly, it should be profitable otherwise what's the point!

Full service professional web design & website development service

WebMedia is a full-service web site design & website developer providing a complete service including site hosting together with professional & affordable design.

Together with long-term maintenance and support you are guaranteed to be in a position to get the most from your online and digital activities.

2 SEO - Edinburgh | Scotland | Falkirk

Search engine optimisation and web development are two sides of the same coin and as far as we are concered should go hand-in-hand. Each site created and supported by WebMedia has SEO built-in from day one.

After all, once your site is up and running it's not a lot of good if it gets no visitors!

SEO is the process of finding and attracting potential customers to your site.

As part of your web site project, your industry and competition are analysed and the most appropriate terms, terminology, keywords and keyword phrases identified.

It is included as standard and not offered as an afterthought, add-on or, in many cases, not at all.

It doesn't guarantee a first page search position in Google but creates the basis and framework to build on.

And, WebMedia is there to help at each step of the way!

SEO as a service for existing sites

The same level of support and service is available if you find your existing site is under-performing.

WebMedia will carry out a similar analysis and provide a search engine optimisation report highlighting the areas where action should be taken for improvements in the short-, medium- and long-term.

Sometimes it only takes a small change to help get you climbing up the rankings towards that all important first page of search results.

3 Conversion Rate Optimisation - Scotland

It's 70% more cost-effective to convert existing visitors than find new ones! So why not make the most of them?

Together with SEO and Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) provides the framework to enable you to get the most from each and every visitor.

CRO involves identifying the main purpose of the various elements/pages of the site eg sales, newsletter signups, lead generation or whatever is the main objective of your business and testing and measuring their success.

CRO is a process that involves all the elements of a website including design & layout, seo, analytics and together with tools such as Google Website Optimizer, HitTail, Crazy Egg, ClickTale and various others can improve visitor interaction, engagement and satisfaction increasing the conversion rates of your identified goals.

Conversion Rate Optimisation combines all four steps making the most of the work and effort already invested in building a successful and profitable online web business.

4 Analytics & Analysis

Applications like Google Analytics, and other website statistical analysis tools, are an essential element if your website is to be successful.

Google Analytics (GA) is installed as standard for every site designed and built by WebMedia.

It's not necessary but without it any SEO cannot be monitored or measured and although might appear to be having the results required there is no way of knowing just how successful it is or isn't.

Visitors, Pageviews & Bounces

At the most basic of levels, analytics confirms whether searchers are finding your site and an upward trend in visitor numbers and pageviews are always welcome signs.

However welcome they are, simply monitoring visitor numbers and pageviews gives very little insights about their expectations, motivation or behaviour eg

  • are they all new visitors?
  • what proportion are returning visitors?
  • what pages do they visit?
  • what pages are most popular/least popular?
  • what pages do visitors first arrive on (landing page)?
  • what are these landing page bounce rates?

The answers to thesel questions give insights into what is working or not and easy to find in most analytics packages! And, sometimes with just a small change can make a substantial impact on keeping or losing a potential customer.

It's the job of effective SEO to get them there and the effective use of Google Analytics can help you keep and profit from them!

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