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Accessibility Web Site Navigation Guide

Viewing advice

In addition other features such as text size and colour schemes can be chosen and for users with text only browsers there is a text only option.

The site design is also based on a fluid layout allowing users to scale the browser window to suit individual preference, desktop and screen resolution.

TabIndex keyboard shortcuts can be used throughout this site and are intended to help vistors who have difficulty in using pointing devices such as a mouse.

Text size

You can increase or decrease both the text and overall size by using the [A-], [A+] and [Default] links in the right-hand column of each page. Once activated each subsequent page will also be displayed at new size.

They can be easily accessed by using tab key on keyboard.

Links highlighted

Each link when active will be clearly highlighted to aid overall page navigation.

Tab Index Shortcuts

The [Tab] key can also be used to access menu and content links.

Links highlighted

Repeated tapping of tab key will move down the page and highlight the link text of each link.

Text only version

A text only version is also available and offers the same navigation facilities as the standard graphics based design. Tab index browsing is fully supported.

Using the [Text Size] links you are able to personalise the page & text size to suit your individual preferences, needs and requirements.

BrowseAloud speech enabled

This website is BrowseAloud enabled and allows the text of this website to be spoken to visitors out loud. It is particularly useful for web visitors who may suffer from a visual impairment, dyslexia, a learning disability or have reading difficulties. It is also a benefit to those who have limited use of the English language or whose primary language may not be English.

It requires a small plugin to be installed and is available completely free of charge. You can download the plugin here.

Once installed Browsealoud can then be switched on and off when required and is available for any BrowseAloud enabled sites.

Browsealoud highlights text on screen and the colours used, in the voice type and speed of reading selected by the user which can be selected from a voicebank available as part of the plugin package.

This tool makes browsing enabled sites black porn much simpler and more accessible for a whole host of web visitors and goes and contributes to meeting the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA).

Contributes to website accessibility

Since October 2004 the DDA has placed a legal requirement and obligation on website owners to take and make reasonable efforts to ensure their sites are as usable as possible to visitors with disabilities and do not discriminate against disabled users.

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